Cycle Studio

  • Nex Level Ride

    Our signature 45 minute long ride is an endorphin-blasting cardio workout featuring real road coaching, electrifying music and motivating inspiration. Take your cycling workout to the Nex level when you track your progress on our flat screens using Performance IQ. Each participant will receive a detailed email immediately after class with your “stats.” You’ll see and feel the Nex Level difference with each and every pedal stroke.

  • NL Build & Burn

    Energy. Strength. Calorie Blasting. This ride is designed for the cardio junkie who wants to maximize their time. This 50 minute class combines high intensity intervals on the bike paired with tabata strength circuits off the bike. It will leave you stronger than you ever imagined!

  • Level Up X Ride

    This high energy class is similar to our traditional Nex Level ride. It utilizes the Performance IQ Board to help push you further out of your comfort zone. For 25 thrilling minutes, our Instructors will test your endurance and stamina on hills and flat roads as well as challenge your strength through power drills. This calorie crushing workout will exhaust most and leave others begging for more!

  • Rhythm X

    Ride to the rhythm in this pulse-pounding 25 minute class. No board! Just beats!

  • Tabata X Ride

    This high intensity 25 minute interval ride takes your cardiovascular fitness to a new high. Your heart rate will spike with a 2:1 ratio of effort to recovery

  • Billboard Top 40 Ride

    This 45 minute ride mirrors our signature Nex Level Ride only you will hear NOTHING.BUT.HITS.

  • Theme Rides

    Our talented spin instructors our constantly mixing things up. Want to hear only pop music or do you love an 80’s dance party? The skies the limit! Any of our traditional rides and X rides can transform into a pop-up “Theme Ride”. Don’t worry - you will be warned!

  • Open Road

    New to spin or just enjoy zoning out after a work day? Our staff members are available during this time to properly set up first time riders. This is an ideal time for new riders to get acquainted with the bike and help alleviate any fears you may have before jumping into your first class.

Strength Studio

  • Bootcamp

    Your entire body will be challenged with this 50 minute workout that combines cardio, core & equipment. Each instructor will keep you guessing - will it be the battle ropes or barbells today? Nonetheless, you know that nothing will be left untouched!

  • BootBox

    Discover a high-output fitness experience. This class will leave you drenched! Burn major calories, build strength, and develop core muscles. Boxing drills on the bag with intervals of strength moves off the bag. Come prepared for an intense class that will leave you high on endorphins. **Boxing gloves and hand wraps are required for this class.

  • Barre

    Nex Level takes the traditional Barre class and spices it up a notch by adding a challenging, athletic twist. Our Barre classes incorporate elements of Pilates, cardio, yoga, and performance training, all choreographed to a quick tempo. For 50 minutes you are guaranteed a tucking good time!

  • Cardio Kickboxing

    This high-energy workout combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio building stamina, improves coordination and flexibility, and burns calories as you build lean muscle with this fun and challenging workout.

  • ‘A’ Game

    Working your lower body burns serious calories and that’s exactly what you’ll do in this 25 minute all strength workout focusing on your abs & a$$.

  • LBX Circuit

    Your lower body will be the focus. Timed intervals will keep you moving through exercises that will increase your metabolism helping you burn more calories throughout your day.

  • UBX Circuit

    Want to look and feel your best in a tank top? This class will sculpt your upper body using bodyweight, dumbells and more leaving you feeling stronger than ever.

  • TabataX

    Torch calories and strengthen your entire body with 20 second intervals of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of recovery.

  • Mat Fusion and Mat FusionX

    Whether it’s a 25 minute class or a 50 minute class you will be introduced to muscles you didn't know you had. This mashup of yoga, pilates, light weights, cardio and core work will leave you feeling taller and leaner. Who doesn’t want that?

  • Total Strength

    This full body weight class will challenge your cardio, endurance, strength and cut up your core. Anything goes for 50 minutes as our resident fitness gurus demonstrate what it takes to get to the Nex Level.

  • Yoga X

    Our Nex Level yogis will help you turn your stress into sweat through a full body flow. Love the idea of yoga but don’t want to commit to a full hour class? Our express 25 minute yoga sessions will leave you feeling balanced and invigorated as you work on balance and strength.

  • Boxing X

    Gloves and mitts are needed for this 25 minute HIIT class (pun intended). Beginners are asked to take a Bootbox class before jumping into Boxing X. This class is intense! **The studio does have extra mitts and gloves if you haven't purchased your own yet.

  • Open Gym

    Our open studio hours are set for people who are comfortable enough and motivated enough to tackle their own workout using our equipment.