Cycle Studio


Our signature ride is an endorphin-blasting cardio workout featuring real road coaching, electrifying music and motivating inspiration. Take your cycling workout to the next level when you track your progress on our flat screens using Performance IQ. Each participant will receive a detailed email immediately after class with your “stats.” You’ll see and feel the NEX LEVEL difference with each and every pedal stroke. (45 minutes)


The ultimate calorie torching workout. You’ll start out in the cycling studio for a 30 min HIIT ride then move over to the large studio for 30 minutes of circuit training using body weights, dumbbells, and TRX. Be prepared to sweat!

Build & Burn

Energy. Strength. Calorie Blasting.
Using a heart rate monitor and our Performance IQ technology, you will take your workout to the next level. High intensity intervals on the bike paired with tabata strength circuits off the bike will leave you stronger than you ever imagined! (45 minutes)
*An ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor is highly suggested and can be purchased at the front desk.

Ride & Strength

Get your cardio blast of 30 minutes of Ride in the spin studio and then head over to the strength studio for  30 minutes of strength work on the TRX


Ride to the rhythm in this pulse-pounding 45 minute class. No board! Just beats!

Strength Studio


A combination of Mau Tai and pure boxing skills. A true calorie blasting, fat burning, body changing workout that will leave you wanting more!  Boxing gloves and handwraps are required for this class.


NEX LEVEL takes the traditional barre class to the next level by adding a challenging, athletic twist. Our Barre classes incorporate elements of Pilates, cardio, yoga, and performance training, all choreographed to a quick tempo. (60 minutes)


WOD “Workout Of the Day”

Now this is going to be fun! The ultimate workout as it is Instructor’s choice and will never be the same. What we can tell you, is to expect 55 minutes of cardio and strength intervals harnessing the power of functional training using a variety of equipment including TRX™, dumbbells, resistance bands and more. Based upon the principle of muscle confusion, flow and progression of movement, WOD is what you want… no, it’s what you need if you want to build muscle and burn fat. (55 min)


Discover a high-output fitness experience. This class will leave you drenched! Burn major calories, build strength, and develop core muscles. Boxing drills on the bag with intervals of strength moves off the bag. Come prepared for an intense class that will leave you high on endorphins. (60 minutes). **Boxing gloves and hand wraps are required for this class. First time? We require you to attend Boxing 101 AND participate in at least one Mitts, Cardio & Core class. You will not be able to attend Boxing if you don’t take advantage of these requirements.**

Box & TRX

Take it to the next level in this 60 minute class comprised of intervals of strength work on the TRX and cardio blasting upper body work while you hit the boxing bags. Bring water and a towel – you’ll be sweaty!!

**Boxing gloves and hand wraps are required for this class. First time? We require you to attend Boxing 101 and come 15 minutes early to your first class. You will not be able to attend class if you don’t take advantage of this instruction.**


55 minutes of pilates mat work

‘A’ Game

Working your lower body burns serious calories and that’s exactly what you’ll do in this all strength workout focusing on your abs & a$$.

Total Body Conditioning

Your TOTAL body will be challenged with this combination of cardio, core & weights in timed intervals. Nothing will be left untouched!