What an amazing class!!!! NEX LEVEL truly motivates me to be better in so many ways, NEX LEVEL gave me the courage to say YES I can do this! Yes I am worth every bit of this! For that I THANK YOU!!! It has taken a lot to get me here and you are a big part of that! I hope you realize how AWESOME you are!

Great class that kicked my ass this morning!

I can’t tell you how much NEX LEVEL has changed my life and perspective. I always felt like the largest, gangliest, least fit person in a workout. Even though that was irrational, it always felt like everyone was working harder, longer, heavier than me and I constantly felt like I was comparing myself to truly unattainable goals. At 5’ 9” and my frame, I’m never going to be a small lady and it was so frustrating to try to fit into that mold.

NEX LEVEL never focuses on getting smaller and thinner. You focus on getting fitter, stronger and the best/healthiest version of you, as you always say. My word mantra every year was always “thinner” but not for 2016. It is “fit” (okay, also uninjured, but you only told us to keep one word so Fit won out!). Fit may not be the thinnest but it is when I feel amazing about myself. I feel strong and powerful and confident. Probably a little less klutzy, too but mostly all the other things. I don’t think my mindset has ever been so different going into a New Year.
I never make resolutions but I did for 2016….no more scale. It won’t show me how fit, strong and powerful I am. I have NEX LEVEL to do that for me.

Thank you, NEX LEVEL, so much for another great workout! I am so happy to be back working out with NEX LEVEL. My husband even asked me the other day why I was in such a good mood, and it truly was because I felt so great after class. NEX LEVEL is motivating and inspirational!

– Nicole

5:30 AM. HA! Not gonna happen, not me, no way, fat chance. I love to sleep in, but all it took was one class at NEX LEVEL and the rest has been history. The energy in this place is amazing! I committed to one class and the rest has been history! It’s my night club but in the morning. My kids always ask me in the morning what place did you come from? For me – it has been a lifestyle change I cannot live without!!


I was out of the gym for nearly three years… run down, exhausted, aches and pains, living the daily rat race. After trying NEX LEVEL last September, I have never looked back. I told myself I would go two times a week and now I have to force myself to take a rest day. I literally hate missing my workout at NEX LEVEL. I love the positive atmosphere and motivation of the instructors and all the members pushing each other to do more and be their best!

Thank you NEX LEVEL family for pushing me everyday, changing my mind and changing my body! I am loving the way I look and feel.

I just wanted to tell you how much my mornings at NEX LEVEL has meant to me I am a Realtor, and under a sequence of events, I have decided to move away from the security of my team and move forward for growth. I have many opinions but just deciding this has come along with many scary thoughts and insecurities. Coming there to start my days while on this journey has been a God send. The NEX LEVEL way is contagious and everything that I believe in positvity, energy and sending love, I breathe in all that you and NEX LEVEL family have to offer and go back out in the world with my cup more full. Thank you and keeping doing what you.

I love the people at NEX LEVEL, the instructors and the other athletes who come to NEX LEVEL and inspire me each and every week. NEX LEVEL is absolutely a major part of my healthier life style and for that I am grateful!

– Steve

I’ve always struggled with my weight, and have a love/hate relationship with exercise. I had a baby daughter two years ago, and decided to make a change this January, when I was at my heaviest. My New Year’s Resolution was to get healthy for my family.

I’m proud to say that April 6 is my three month anniversary of my start at NEX LEVEL, and I am down 35 pounds and feeling better than ever! Four or five mornings a week, I’m sweating out stress and building strength with people of all fitness levels and aptitudes, and learning new ways to feel alive. I’m even running a 5K with the jogging stroller in two weeks!

– Kate

I’ve been to every local gym, tried every workout invented, been a runner, tried to be a cross fitter, been on every diet plan out there and was tired of it all. Then I overheard my cute mom friends talking about this boxing class they had just been at (at NEX LEVEL) and I thought, I wish I could be like them and not be afraid to take a class like that. Instead, I drowned my sorrows in a heaping bowl of ice cream. Fast forward a couple of weeks. It was the weekend after Halloween and I was miserable, feeling defeated by the bottomless bowl of my children’s Halloween candy and I knew something had to give. To avoid bingeing on my kids candy that evening, I signed up for a spin class that night. I was scared and intimidated, but when you’re at the bottom, there’s only one place to go and that is up. I bravely walked into NEX LEVEL with my heart racing, and was immediately greeted with a warm smile and when I said I was nervous, I was told, you will be okay. And after my first class, I was better than okay. I felt alive and myself again after six long years of dealing with PTSD, an eating disorder, OCD, and anxiety. I cannot thank the staff and members at NEX LEVEL for being patient with me, for teaching me, for encouraging and pushing me, but most importantly, for reminding me of who I am. I am healthy, strong, and alive and that is a gift. Each class I take, I surprise myself; I can do it. I am proud of myself and I wouldn’t be feeling this way had I not joined NEX LEVEL. Thank you to everyone who works or attends classes there. You have all played a role in getting me to where I am today.

– Anonymous