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Wednesday, September 14th, 2016



Good Wednesday Morning to you! We are kicking off a new series that we’ll post and talk about every Wednesday called “What We’re Obsessing Over Right Now.” No doubt we are all just a little obsessed with REV but there are a few other things in life that we are pretty excited about too and we thought we’d share. If you have something, anything that you are obsessed over, tell us about it. We may feature it right here! To kick things off for this premier edition, Danielle will take over and tell us about her latest obsession: The Green Smoothie………………..

Hello my REVFamily – 

If you know me at all, you know I can get a little obsessive from time to time when something is really exciting! I am all or nothing with most things and right now I am ALL over my daily green smoothie.

green smoothie

I drink one each morning as my breakfast and every time I do, I feel as though I am just pouring nutrients right into my body (well, I guess that’s actually true 😉 Just look at that green color – it’s beautiful!

The recipe that I am going to give you makes enough for 3-4 servings. Whenever I make this, I have one right away and then store the rest in mason jars in my fridge for the next 2 days. This isn’t like pressed juice that has to be consumed right away. Here is what you need and everything I buy is organic:


7 cups fresh organic spinach

6 cups fresh organic romaine lettuce

juice of one lemon

2 stalks celery (roughly chopped)

one banana

one pear (skin on and cut up)

one apple (skin on and cut up)

2 cups cold filtered water

*optional – I add two scoops of vital proteins to each individual smoothie (more on this)*


Add two cups water to Vitamin or other high powered blender with the spinach.


It will be packed to the top but once you blend, you’ll have room to add the romaine and celery.


After you’ve blended in all greens, start to blend in the lemon, banana, pear and apple. Your smoothie will come to life!

gorgeous green

Is that gorgeous or what?

Here is where I divide into individual portions for the next few days. As mentioned above, I like to add collagen protein powder to my smoothie. It has no taste and adds 18g of protein to my beautiful, healthy smoothie.


I gotta tell you, I have consistently been doing this for over a month now and my skin is glowing and I feel great knowing I am getting more greens on a daily basis. Let me know how you like it!

set up for next few days

Happy Wednesday!

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